Ignore Fear: A Key Step to Being Happier and More Successful

Fear is defined by many as being afraid or apprehensive. We all have thousands of fears, many of which are very rational. These rational fears ultimately prevent us from being hurt in some way. We also all have hundreds or thousands of irrational fears. These irrational fears canprevent us from doin...

Lauren Celano


Tips for working successfully with recruiters

Recruiters that specialize in your specific area of interest can be a tremendous asset to a job search. These individuals are experts on companies hiring in your field, company hiring preferences, company cultures, growth trajectories, relevant roles and titles for your experience level, industry tr...


Reineke Pohlhaus

Why Bother?

Why bother?  Should I join the American Association of blah-dy-blah-blah of blahs? This is a question I asked myself while I was in graduate school, and it was the subject of a conversation I had with my other grad school friends.  I remember in particular a society that offered joint memb...



I got a job!

Two weeks after my contract at Edgenuity officially ended, I have a new job offer in hand. I don’t want to be laying down platitudes about the right way to look for a job, because:-this job offer was 4 months in the making.-I never actually applied for this job.-I got this job because my old manag...

Lauren Celano


Building your Professional Network through Involvement

A well developed network is one of your most important assets.  The quality and strength of your network significantly impacts career opportunities, your career trajectory, and overall success.  It can take years, sometimes decades, to develop a robust professional network, and it often do...



Takeaways from Society for Neuroscience Conference

This past week was the annual Society for Neuroscience (SFN) conference in San Diego, CA. Over 30,000 neuroscience researchers attended the four-day conference held in the San Diego Convention Center. Needless to say, this flow of people can create  vast opportunities in terms of meeting fellow...



Fake it Until You Make It!

I would like to share with you some key advice which really helped me before.  The first time I heard this phrase, or at least actually took note of it, was a few hours before I gave a presentation.  I was (as those of you who follow my blog will be familiar with) a little nervous, to say ...

Lauren Celano


Life takes time – Part 1: Hiring Seasons

Just like the ocean waves, hiring is a process with peaks (fall and spring) and troughs (summer and winter). Certainly, some hiring occur during the troughs, but fewer than the peaks.  During the slower periods, I advise people to actively set aside time to self-reflect. Consider what you want,...

Lauren Celano


How to identify “relevant” recruiters

Finding a good recruiter who works in your area of interest can be extremely beneficial for your job search. With thousands of recruitment firms, ranging from one person companies that focus on specific roles, i.e. director level clinical affairs roles, to multinational organizations that focus on m...

Lauren Celano


“How to develop opening lines” Networking Advice

For many, starting a conversation with someone new at a networking event causes much anxiety. People worry about what to say, how the person will respond, and/or what to do if the person is not interested in talking. Below are a few suggestions to remove the anxiety and enable seamless conversations...